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Cybersecurity for New Homeowners: Tips for a Secure Online Experience

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month — created in 2004 to raise awareness about the
importance of cybersecurity and ensure that every individual stays safe and secure online. As a
local internet service provider serving Middle Tennessee
, we are deeply committed to our
& well-being. That’s why we take cybersecurity seriously at every level. From offering
the best-in-class technology solutions to our internal security protocols, we are proactive about
doing our part and equipping our customers with the resources they need to avoid attacks and
keep their families safe.

In this blog, we want to share essential cybersecurity best practices, especially for residents
relocating or moving into new homes. These days, you can connect nearly every device in your
home or business to Wi-Fi. With all of these devices connected to a single internet access point,
it’s essential to know the particular dos and don’ts of internet cybersecurity for your home or


DON’T click on suspicious links from emails or websites that seem untrustworthy.

Relocating to a city or even moving to a new neighborhood often opens the door to receiving
dozens of emails from home warranty companies, meal kit providers, and other vendors. While
most of these are coming from legitimate companies, there is always a chance that attackers
can leverage this opportunity to exploit your personal information and engage in phishing or
fraudulent activities.

Randomly clicking links in emails or links found on unknown websites is never a good idea. It
can put you at risk of downloading software intended to damage or disable your computer or
other devices. Clicking on a link can also give hackers access to your network or important
information. If you receive an email with a link you’re not expecting, don’t click on it.


DON’T make it easy for people to gain access to personal information or passwords.

Another common way attackers might access your information is through personal
communication. It's simple for someone without proper authorization to make a call and feign to
be an employee or business partner, all with the aim of acquiring personal information. You

should not respond to phone calls or emails requesting confidential data. The same principle
applies to the passwords you choose. It’s crucial to ensure that passwords are adequately
protected since they provide access to personal information. Don’t use the same password for
every single account you manage. Instead, consider multiple passwords that are strong and
difficult to guess.

DON’T carelessly rely on old antivirus programs to protect you.

Antivirus programs might be a helpful way to avoid potential threats, but if they need to be
updated, they may provide you with a false sense of security. As cybersecurity evolves, the
antivirus software itself can’t keep up with the threats. This may create vulnerabilities in your
system that expose you to cyber security risks. Protecting your internet from cybersecurity
threats isn’t a “set it and forget it” task.

DO change the default name and password of your network.

As you set up your new internet connection, the easiest thing you can do to secure your home
or business connection is to change the default name. The password and default ID — called a
“service set identifier” (SSID) or “extended service set identifier” (ESSID) — are assigned by the
manufacturer. Change your router and password to something that others won’t easily guess.

DO turn on Wireless Network Encryption for all devices that connect to the internet.

Not all wireless security protocols are created equal. The most secure type of encryption for
your home Wi-Fi network is WPA2. At United Communications, all of the routers we provide are
compatible with WPA2 encryption, which you can use to safely connect computers,
smartphones, gaming systems, and other devices. Customers who use our Calix GigaSpire
Blast router
also benefit from the latest Wi-Fi security protocols with integrated hardware and
software security that is automatically updated.


DO proactively monitor network security.

Regularly monitoring your security and potential threats is essential. In fact, it’s one of the
reasons our customers love our UControl App. UControl’s ProtectIQ provides network security
that works in the background, adding an extra layer of protection against malicious traffic. This
enables you to proactively monitor and address any potential threats before they occur.

Protect Your Network with United’s Ultimate UControl Wi-Fi Management App

United Communication’s Ultimate UControl protects every device connected to your network
and ensures that what is outside your network stays there. It gives you the peace of mind that
your internet is secure.

If you’re looking for an internet provider that offers world-class internet with industry-leading
customer service
, we encourage you to explore our internet service options to keep your family
safe or contact our local service team to sign up for service.

United Communications Internet Tennessee
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