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New Mover Tennessee
Let’s Get Acquainted!
8 Tips for Getting Connected and Making Friends

The boxes are (almost) unpacked, you’ve memorized your new address, and now it’s time to make yourself at home. Meeting new people and finding activities you enjoy are key steps in truly feeling at home in a community. Here are a few ideas to get you started in making new friends and plugging into your new hometown.

New Mover Middle Tennessee

1. Shop local. Support local businesses, farmers markets, and street festivals to discover what your new home has to offer. Chat with the shopkeepers about the area and make new friends while you’re at it! You never know who you might meet in the aisles either - for example, a fellow bookworm at the local bookstore.

New Mover Downtown FranklinTennessee

2. Explore area parks, walking trails, and historic sites. There are several local walking and hiking groups for trail enthusiasts of all levels. They can usually be found via and Facebook groups.

New Mover Spring Hill Tennessee

3. Get a library card. Local libraries have a plethora of learning programs, book clubs, plant swaps, and activities for children, teens, and adults alike. And all of these resources can be taken advantage of for free! Learn how to get a library card at (Williamson County) or (Maury County).

4. Join a church or place of worship. There is an abundance of worship communities serving people of all backgrounds and beliefs. This is also a great option for people interested in community service and volunteer work!

Volunteer Middle Tennessee

5. Get involved with your city. Civic engagement isn’t just for high school you can volunteer to be on a city council or help with a local street festival to get acquainted with your neighbors and throw yourself fully into your new community. The Columbia Arts Council, Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, Franklin Tomorrow, and Leadership Maury are just a few examples!

Carter House Franklin Tennessee

6. Check out the Parks and Rec department. The city and county parks and recreation programs have regular social opportunities such as movies in the park, seasonal festivals, sports leagues, art and dance classes, guided hikes, and local theatre and music productions.

7. Find social clubs using or any of the Facebook groups in your area. You can also start your own club to find other locals who share your interests!

Volunteer New Mover

8. Read The New Residents’ Guide! We’re a central hub of information on local resources, events, and more! View online:

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