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Registering Your Child for School

Middle Tennessee boasts amazing opportunities for education - between the world-class Williamson County and Maury County Public School Systems, the Franklin Special School District, and two dozen private options, your child has many avenues to exceptional learning.

If you have school-age children, one of the first things you are likely to do when relocating is to look into your school’s enrollment requirements. And with all that is required with a new move, this can feel a bit daunting. 

School Bus with Kid and Drivers.jpeg

In addition to enrollment requirements, you want your child to feel as comfortable as possible with this transition. In order to help familiarize your child with the new school, consider scheduling a tour of the school before his or her first day. Have your child come prepared with any questions he or she may have, and parents - do the same. If they switch classes, have your child walk their schedule in order to become more comfortable with the building. The more you both know, the more that will help with those first day jitters. Be sure you have an up-to-date list of the required supplies and if your child is old enough for a locker, not only should they practice the combination, but also find something fun to make their locker space personal. And lastly, check the dress code. All schools are different and you want to be sure your child won’t have to make a call to home for a change of clothes because of what they're wearing on the first day. These things can all go a long way in helping your child to feel more comfortable and at ease with their new school.

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