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11 Tips for Settling Into Your New Home
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   Relocation is stressful whether you are moving across town or the country. Here are several helpful strategies and reminders to make settling into your new home and community a bit smoother.

  • Identify a local physician, dentist, and eye doctor and schedule a get-acquainted appointment. Once established, contact your previous medical providers and request your files be transferred to your new doctors. 

  • Contact the local parks and recreation department or sports leagues about camps and sports teams you and your children might join. 













  • Visit the local library and get a library card for every family member.

  • Spend time in your new home locating the fuse box, water main, heating and cooling systems, and automatic sprinkler system controls. Take time to learn the basic operation of each. Also, check or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they have working batteries and are operational.

  • Designate a file for all your moving-related paperwork including home loan documents, deeds, lease agreements, moving contracts, utility, internet, and cable TV contracts.

  • Register your children at their new school. If you have time, sign up to volunteer at your child’s school and get to know other parents. 

  • Should a family member in your household have a medical emergency, learn where the closest hospital and emergency room is from your home. 

  • Check your home’s exterior, clearing all gutters and drains from debris to avoid water backing up when it rains. 

  • Moving is especially hard on children and pets. Establishing a routine as soon as possible will make it easier for every member of the family. If pizza and movie night is your Friday night tradition, don’t skip it. As you learn about your new hometown, you’ll discover new adventures and create more new family traditions.

  • Say hello! Explore your neighborhood and meet your neighbors. Building a good rapport with the folks who live on your street or in your apartment complex makes your new community feel more like home.

  • Relax and be a tourist for a day. Stop by the Williamson County Visitors Center located at 400 Main Street, #200 in downtown Franklin. In Maury County, the Visitors Center is located at 302 7th Street in Columbia. There you’ll find regional attraction information, a Tennessee Vacation Guide, and a state map. Check out statewide travel options at

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