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United Communications Internet Tennessee
How United Communications Enhances Connectivity in Williamson County and Maury County

Over the past several years, our team has significantly invested in fulfilling this mission. In
2022, with support from leaders in Williamson and Maury County, we were awarded the
state’s largest single grant for broadband expansion.
This grant allowed us to invest $20.2
million in infrastructure to serve residents in Williamson County and an additional $17 million
to expand broadband access to more than 4,000 Maury County residents. By 2025, we’ll
provide fiber access to more than 20,000+ locations county-wide.

We are intentional about serving our community.

We understand that fast, reliable internet is essential for families and businesses. That's why
we're constantly investing in our infrastructure to provide the best possible service. By offering
free speed upgrades to residential customers or empowering local school systems, we’re
committed to offering internet plans that are often faster and more reliable than other

But what really sets us apart is the way we explore creative solutions to allocate our
investments and build infrastructure that will positively impact Williamson and Maury County
residents. In other words, our team is diligent about maximizing our investment, optimizing
local infrastructure, and fueling economic development in our community.

Maryland Farms Business Park 3.PNG

We are dedicated to offering the best customer experience in the area.

Unlike many larger nationwide providers, our company is made up of your neighbors and
friends. Providing high-quality service and knowing our customers personally is extremely
important to us, and it makes a difference when customers choose an internet provider.

As a local internet service provider, we hire local service representatives who live in the areas
we serve. Our approach offers several unique advantages for our customers, and we listen to
our customers to understand each community’s needs.

customer serv rep.png

We care about supporting our neighbors.

One of the most meaningful ways we support Williamson and Maury Counties is through the
various ways we give back. Whether we’re helping local families during the holidays or
sponsoring lunch for monthly Leadership Maury meetings, our employees try to connect and
engage with our neighbors across the community.

We’ve also supported local government agencies and emergency services in the area. For
example, we’ve equipped numerous rural and volunteer fire departments across Williamson
and Maury County
with free broadband internet access to support the important work they do.


World-Class Internet with a Commitment to Williamson & Maury Counties

We're proud to be a part of the local community and are committed to providing our residents
in Williamson and Maury counties with the best possible internet service. If you're looking for
an internet provider that cares about the community, then United Communications is the right
choice for you.

​​To learn more about our services or check availability in your area, please click here.

United Communications Internet Tennessee
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