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What to Consider When It's Time to Hire an In-Home Caregiver
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The decision to hire an in-home caregiver is a significant one. As your loved one grows older, there may come a time when the best way to ensure their comfort and well-being is by bringing in outside assistance. This choice can be daunting, but well worth it to provide your parent or family member with the best possible care, all within the familiar confines of home.
How do you know if your loved one needs some extra help? 
One main indication to watch for is difficulty completing everyday tasks. As much as you want to help, these daily challenges can become all-consuming for a senior family member. Here are some signs a senior adult might need an in-home caregiver:
  • Lack of personal hygiene. Maybe he/she has a hard time getting into the shower or bath.
  • Stacks of mail and unpaid bills. As they grow older, they might not be able to keep up with their financial responsibilities.
  • Lack of meal preparation. The process of purchasing, cooking, and eating food can be taxing for senior adults. Good nutrition is essential for maintaining good health.
  • Fall hazards in the home. If your loved one has mobility issues, they may need a caregiver to help them get around their home, especially if there are stairs.
  • Loneliness and/or signs of depression. An inability to get out of the house can make anyone more likely to suffer from mental health issues.
  • Inability to perform daily tasks independently. Perhaps your loved one struggles to walk to the bathroom or keep up with cleaning their home.
  • Cannot administer medications or manage medical dosages. Senior adults may have several prescriptions, which can be difficult to keep track of on their own.
If you recognize one or more of these signs, it might be time to consider finding some extra help. And with over half of aging seniors in the U.S. preferring to remain in their own homes, hiring an in-home caregiver could be the best option.
You might be wondering where to begin -- especially if you just moved to the area. Caregivers by WholeCare is one of the premier home care providers in Middle Tennessee. Their mission is to keep older family members comfortable and safe in their own homes or wherever they call home, while maintaining the core values of service, trust, compassion, and care. After scheduling an appointment, their staff will come to your home to determine a care plan and match your loved one with the most suitable caregiver. Whether your home is a personal residence, assisted living, or memory care facility, Caregivers by WholeCare will provide caregiving services there. 
Caregivers by WholeCare offers multiple levels of senior care, including:
  • Companion Care: Providing your loved one with someone to converse and spend time with, as well as assisting with everyday tasks such as technology help, running errands, and planning events with friends.

  • Personal Care: A caregiver can help with personal hygiene and using the bathroom, mobility and transportation assistance, and reminders to take medications.

  • Post-Surgical Care: After a surgery or procedure, your loved one’s caregiver will be there as soon as they are discharged to help with any medical equipment usage, monitor their medications, and support the recovery process.

  • Specialty Care: For loved ones who may require more tailored services, Caregivers by WholeCare offers 24/7 care, memory care, respite care, and hospice team communication.

The decision to hire an in-home caregiver can be a difficult one to make. Ultimately a decision to secure in-home care is made out of love -- a decision that allows your loved one to age with grace, dignity, and security within the comfort of their home.

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ARTICLE: Resources and Support for Older Adults Living Alone: A Comprehensive Guide

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